Milly is our fourth Bullmastiff to date. We clearly adore the breed! My husband and I were searching the internet for different breeders when we stumbled across Dawsons Bullmastiffs. At first glance, we were quickly impressed with the state of the art facility. It appeared to be extremely professional.  We reached out to the owners Myron and Luke who were both so nice and attentive. They were kind enough to actually take video of the property and of all the dogs and puppies in real time. We instantly fell in love and  took a leap of faith!  Milly arrived 9 wks later at our door step. It could not have been easier. She was absolutely precious! Milly is 1 year old now and is completely Perfect!!!  This breed is calm in nature, quiet-except if protecting the family or property, and extremely affectionate! Bullies are great with other people, kids and other animals.  We socialized Milly immediately. Her temperament is spot on, her coloring is gorgeous. She is truly a beautiful girl! The Mastiff Breed is like no other!! We cannot say enough about Dawstin Bullmastiffs, the owners and our overall experience. We Love our Girl! Thanks again, The Holenders